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New date for International Camp of Experimental Archaeology in Toruń! 16 – 28 August 2021!!!

Dear All interested in Experimental Archaeology,

Last year the pandemic situation destroyed our dreams to organize the first International Camp of Experimental Archaeology and accompanying thematic conference in Poland. We survived the pandemic year and finally decided that it’s time to set a new date for this event! Taking into consideration preferences of the participants that applied last year and registered their participation also for the new Camp term, we decided that the safest solution is to organise it in a period analogous to the one in which it was originally supposed to be held this year. So, we plan to realize our experimental archaeology meeting on August 16-28 in 2021. If You are interested in this event please visit the webpage of the project and register your participation. The list of participants is almost full, so we advise you to decide quickly 🙂

Best regards and see You during the Camp!


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